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The Value of

Accounting in your company

Accounting & Bookkeeping assumes an essential job in maintaining a business, since it encourages you to track salary, expenses, and guarantee statutory compliance.

The Value of Our Services

There are four significant business values contained in the different parts of accounting and bookkeeping: planning, communicating, controlling, and profit assurance. Accounting and bookkeeping data is useful in conveying an organization’s present status and its likely arrangements to managers: the language of numbers is global and uniform over all associations. As a control framework, it gives data expected to perform tasks as per an individuals or company’s long term objectives. Benefits, be that as it may, rely upon the accuracy of the accounting and bookkeeping data.

Thus, Compass Accounting & Bookkeeping works with individuals and organizations to meet their requirements and obligations to various entities; such as the IRS, partners, employees, and or stock holders. 

The value is in the numbers and experience our accounting and bookkeeping staff offer. A consistent and reliable partner you and your organization can count on. Lets plan, communicate, and execute the various accounting and bookkeeping practices for your successful future.

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Please contact us for your free quote and get back to a healthy financial future. Information obtained for your free consultation is confidential and discreet. 

What we offer :

  • Your own dedicated assistant
  • Year end accounts and tax returns
  • Regular reviews of your accounting and bookkeeping
  • 24/7 access to your online portal
  • No hassle switching

Our Services

Compass Accounting & Bookkeeping offers on-site, off-site, and cloud based solutions for your business. 

Monthly data entry, account treatment, accrual & cash basis, reconciliation, statement preparation; balance sheet, profit & loss, cash flow

Compliant state & federal sales and payroll taxes. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting.

We understand the bottom line of your financials. Financial statement analysis and performance are reviewed monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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Tax Deadline Extended to July 15 2020!

Let us help you with your tax preparation for the year 2019-2020. The government has set aside pandemic stimulus money and extended the tax filing deadline! Call us today for a free consultation at toll-free 1-800-525-5915.

Get Pandemic Money!